Hello all!  I was born and raised in the Mississippi delta…Leland, MS, to be exact, with a unique culture all it’s own.  The delta is home to the blues, soul food and the Delta State Fighting Okra, aka Delta State University, where I received my degree in graphic design with a minor in painting.

The delta is also home to a simpler, slower paced life, and even though my husband and I along with our two sons, Stratton and Parks, now reside in Brentwood, TN, it still remains a part of me and is apparent in the pieces I create.  I create using a palette knife to achieve texture, depth, and layers upon layers of paint all of which add great energy and vibrancy to the pieces.  The end result is a piece with soul that gives a fresh, modern look at something otherwise ordinary and mundane. 

I’m quite nostalgic and passionate about capturing the simple, humble things in this life, things with “southern soul”.  It is my hope that my work opens the viewers’ eyes to the beauty around us everyday….There is such beauty in simplicity!

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